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I could get used to this

2012-02-08 21:58:08 by PapaZangief

To be honest, I'm actually getting used to this new design. It's fresh, it makes things easier to find once you get used to navigating it, and I think it looks much sexier than the last design, but that's just my personal opinion. lol

I could get used to this


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2012-09-21 18:15:46

Did you draw that, i noticed it is better than the stuff you posted on the art portal/ any tutorials?

PapaZangief responds:

No, I just stole the image from the internet like everyone else does. And the only tip I can offer you is this: never try to make art to impress other people, only make it to impress yourself. I know it's not really an "art" tip but then again I'm not really an artist by trade, I just do it as a hobby. :)


2012-11-22 22:10:29