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I think TerminalMontage would be proud of you son. Given that this was a fan version, it was pretty well done. Although my only complaint is that it should have been longer and could have used more puns. I mean there are so many you could use, just as long as you save enough for TM to use if he ever decides to make another one. lol Other than that the animation was pretty good and I thought the puns were actually pretty good, if not predictable. But at this point after seeing the ones by TM I'm not really surprised by that. XD

Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail right on the head there. Well done. Although you did forget to mention the whole water cooler thing but I guess that'll come at a later point when they sell it separately along with a part for the console that allows it to play games.

ZenithQuinn responds:

Yeah I didn't spend much time writing this script, and wanted to keep it at one minute! The watercooler thing has been joked about a lot , thanks for reviewing :)


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Galactic Gems!!!

Y U SO ADDICTIVE?! OMG this game just won't stop being boring, it really amazes me. I know that it's basically a flash version of Bejeweled but that's why I LUV it. And with that ear-worm of a soundtrack, oh forget about it we're done trying to find something more enjoyable, just let the funness BEAT YOU, INTO, SUBMISSION. Definitely on my favorites list and 5/5 & 10/10; great job on this and I hope there's a sequel in the future. :)

Just as good as the first one...

If not even better. The mechanics in this one are the same and yet different all together. The added feature of weapons and equipment gives more of a feel of survival and I like that you added the ability to customize the way the game is played more than last time. Keep up the good work and I'm now craving Rebuild 3 like a zombie craving brains. :D

You need to really fix the controls

I haven't experinced controls this glitchy since Madness Accelerant. You need to fix these because they make the game literally so frustrating that I almost punched the screen. Other than that I liked the music and the graphics.

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This was a really tough call because both brought the ruckus, but if I had to pick one or the other then I'd have to go with "MadFLeX". I mean "Richard J. Amtmann III" was also good, but "MadFLeX" just stayed calm and cool during the whole thing and just countered with amazing lyrics. In other words, COCOCOCOMBOOO BRRREEEAAAKER!!!!!!!!

I like it...

Very up-beat and catchy which always a good sign of a hit, especially on Newgrounds. Hopefully it will get used more with other flashes because it's so worth it. :)

Awesome one you got here Oney

Catchy song is catchy. :3

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Can't tell if I should be fapping or screaming.....eh guess I could do both. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to my vast array of fucked up images. lol


"I have come here to kick ass and drink Ovaltine; and I'm all out of Ovaltine!" lol Great job man, I totally want to favorite this. :D

Not bad. Not bad.

I like the cartoony feel of it. It kind of reminds me of something I'd see on Adult Swim. Very nice job here. 10/10 and 5/5.

Shotgunmadmax responds:

Thanks for the review.

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